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The ideal way to condense information......into a retainable and highly portable format. Promote Your Business

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Z-Fold Card

Out most popular product remains the 6 columns Z-Fold.

Perfect for all communications, there are many options for customizing inserts and covers.

Our Z-Fold Card come in nine standard sizes: mini, credit, short pocket, slim pocket, pocket, pocket plus, postal, handy, and pocket magazine size.

B-Fold Card

Our B-Fold Card opens like a book creating a marketing tool that engages the end user. Each format contains a Z-Fold insert and can include:

  • A cover pocket – perfect for travel cards or hotel room key cards.
  • A closing mechanism – the B-Fold has a wrap around cover, hinged like a book, that holds a small item safely inside when closed.

C-Fold Card

The C-Fold Card is a concertina fold and is a great lower cost option for conveying smaller amounts of information.

It can be used for vouchers, support banners, product information and much more. Customization options include:

  • Recycled or sustainable forest paper stocks
  • Digital printing for small orders
  • Cover extras – pockets, RFID

K-Fold Card

Our K-Fold Card is one of the best formats for incorporating a response mechanism, with options including tear-off panels and horse-shoe re-moists.

  • Tear-off vouchers / response forms
  • Personalization
  • Recycled or sustainable forest paper stocks
  • Cover extras – pockets, RFID, lenticular

P-Fold Card

The most impactful of our products and favored by high end brands, the Pop-Up is an ingenious, interactive format. The Pop-Up effect will capture your customer’s attention, increase brand recognition and provide a product with a high perceived value.

S-Fold Card

The Changer captures attention, so much so that consumers enjoy playing with – and keeping – them. A great way to ensure campaign longevity when the tab is pulled to reveal a specific message.

It can be used as a stand alone product or easily integrated with one of our many pocket media products.

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The ideal way to condense information into a retainable and highly portable format.

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