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Unique Z-Mail CardsImpress your CustomersPromote Your Business

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Ζ Mail Card

  • Stand out and deliver your message in a creative and innovative way
  • Choosing Z Mail Card condense information into a retainable and highly portable format
  • There are many options for customizing inserts and covers
  • Personalizes distribution
  • Successful in every market across the world


  • Make your own mail-postcard
  • Laminated
  • Add your logo or text
  • Add inside pocket if you want


  • Our most popular product remains the 6-panel Z-Fold
  • Perfect for all communications, there are many options for customizing inserts and covers.
  • Our Z-Fold Card come in nine standard sizes: mini, credit, short pocket, slim pocket, pocket, pocket plus, postal, handy, and pocket magazine size.
  • Paper
  • Recycled or sustainable

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Unique Z-Mail Cards | Impress your Customers | Promote your Business

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